New Work at The Drawing Room in December!

I'm excited to be delivering these paintings down to The Drawing Room! If you have any interest in seeing these in person, please reach out to The Drawing Room by emailing them at or call them at (203) 661-3737.

"Gathering", oil on canvas, 32x26, $2,100

"Shimmer", oil on canvas, 60x44, $4,000

"At the Turning", oil on canvas, 46x44, $3,600

"Joie de Vivre", oil on canvas, 32x26, $1,500

"Midnight Melodies", oil on canvas, 36x32 , $2,100

To view The Drawing Room's larger collection of my work, you can visit their website

"Cultivating Growth" oil on canvas, 50x48, $4,000


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