Painting given as gift for Mother's Day in Maryland

"Rhythm & Tumble", oil on canvas, 44x46 in Maryland Home

This picture was sent to me in October, and it makes my heart sing! This painting was purchased by a man as a SURPRISE for his wife on Mother's Day this past spring. When he reached out to me, sharing his desire to purchase my painting for his wife, (who is an art teacher and a mother of two kids) as a surprise gift because she loved this painting so much, I almost fell off my chair. It brought me tears of joy and gratitude. I was so touched! Being a part of such a special, thoughtful gift for another mom, made my heart want to explode! It's THIS kind of thing, in that art can become a part of the soul of a family's home, that makes the hardest days of being an artist, ALL worth it! 


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