New Painting from explorations eastbound

Oil on Canvas, 30x30

Here is a recent painting that I  have been working on which I think is finished. (Think) Although this panting illustrates a similar subject matter that is familiar to what I focused on during my "HERE" series using only text, what is different here is that I am trying to use only the marks that I need.  Distill it down to what is only necessary. When interested in repetition and mark making as I am, this can often become one of my biggest challenges in painting...I must continually remind myself to not to overwork a painting and take moments to pause. It's about creating a painting that has layers of complexity while also keeping the initial concept and visual idea fresh and coherent. In order to this this,  I often must force myself to walk away from a painting for a couple of weeks in order to gain a fresh perspective.  Sometimes leaving town and having multiple days go by without seeing a painting can help achieve this. Well, I did this here, and returned back to my studio a few days ago, mixed up some fresh paint, went back into it, and am now I wait.... for when my painting finally says to me, "Okay, Cameron, you can sign me now! ". I hope that my upcoming show at The Drawing Room down in Cos Cob, CT that opens next week, will nudge this particular painting to send me this message!


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