Artistic Plans of 2011-2012

Well it's been quite an exciting spring. I was a part of edgewater gallery's spring/summer show, "Textures of Us", which was extended until the end of June.

I was also and proud to be included in Silvermine Guild Art Center's  62nd Annual Art of the Northeast, juried by Tom Eccles, and to be the first winner of Art for Progress international competition, Clash of the Artists. This concluded with a very fun weekend exhibition in Chelsea, NYC at Headquarters Studio, where I was able to meet some wonderful new artists and art lovers...oh wait, and I also just became married. What a wonderfully busy spring it has been!

In August I will be moving my studio down to Brattleboro, VT where we will be moving. I am looking forward to meeting new a new community that seems to be bubbling with creativity, artists and art-lovers, small businesses and great people.

It will be an exciting time for me creatively. Naturally, with any major change in my life brings with it a shift within my work and artistic focus, along with new thoughts or reconsidered ideas.  Though I am the ultimate director of my art, my art seemingly directs me along my unique artistic path. With this move I keep my fingers crossed for a more spacious studio. I think that this increased space will allow me to move more seamlessly between mediums because of added work stations,  and this will give me space to better see works in relation to others. You can never fully undestand your art, without having space to really see it, and see it in relation to the other work made that it connects to. Having space to not only make more work and show more work, but to share with others is quite exciting!


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