Trusting Slowness

Flash back to a time, (not unlike now), when taking a walk was perhaps the only time I got out of the house that day. 

A time when, like now, I wished for the clouds to hold out just a wee bit longer so that I could make it out in time before the rain.

A time when I carried little people on me everywhere...And when standing in my studio holding them, listening to the sweet sounds of their rhythmic sleeping breaths, while I stood gazing at unfinished paintings, was important work for me to do...even if I was not painting.

I remind myself of these times because it's the acknowledgment that even though I may feel a sense of eagerness for the road and work up ahead, I also know that what's most important is right in front of me right now. 

And this means trusting slowness. 
And contemplating that within slowness is the potential capacity for perhaps more beauty, truth and satisfaction. 

As a mother who has always juggled working from home with parenting, it's so easy to get caught up in all that I have to do and get done. 
AND it's also important to remind ourselves that all the doing WILL eventually get done.
In time. 
But for right now, it might be worth just focusing on the amazingness of what we are already holding, TODAY.


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